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Kanye West Calls Out Ray J On "T.L.O.P.", Ebro Says

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Ebro details Kanye West’s “T.L.O.P.” listening session, says the rapper touches on social issues on the album.

Ebro Darden says Kanye West touches on “things going on socially right now,” on T.L.O.P.

Hot 97 personality Ebro Darden was among the select few to attend a listening event, rapper Kanye West held for his upcoming album, T.L.O.P. Others in attendance included A$AP Rocky, Tyga, and Kim Kardashian.

Ebro was unable to share specific details of the album, including features, but did share some info about the project. According to the Ebro In The Morning host, ‘Ye does touch on some social issues.

He also revealed that one song in particular features several lyrics about Kim Kardashian’s past relationship with Ray J.

“Kanye says to Ray J—He says ‘Me and Ray J would probably be friends if we wasn’t in love with the same—‘ He says ‘bitch’ actually,” Ebro said. “And then goes on to say ‘You might have hit it first, but I’m rich though.’ And it’s funny—The way it’s done it’s hilarious. It’s not serious…It’s funny. There’s a lot of—He uses one excerpt from the movie Warriors. When they’re up at Van Cortlandt Park…But that song where he really goes in on talking about his version of some of the things going on socially right now. Crazy. And the beats are crazy.”

Ebro also confirmed that T.L.O.P. is a rap heavy album, and shares similarities with both My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Yeezus. He says the album also features a great deal of soul from Kanye.

“I think it gives you a little of all of that,” he said when asked about similarities between T.L.O.P. and Kanye’s last two albums. “It gives you a little of everything you love about Kanye West. For real. It’s more melodic than Yeezus. You know how Yeezus felt dark and kind of hard? Not as melodic as some people like from Kanye West…you get that on this album. You’re gonna get those soul vocals. There’s some soul. There’s some choir singing. There’s some things. There’s some real soulful, Kanye West things.”

Video of Ebro speaking on Kanye West’s T.L.O.P. listening session, can be found below.


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